Why Dental Implants in Sydney

Why Dental Implants in Sydney

Even though everyone tells you that brushing keeps your teeth healthy and strong, many people still suffer from dental loss. It can be either due to bad dental hygiene, a serious injury or tooth decay. Earlier, dentists would fill the gap of missing teeth using dentures. However, with the progress of modern science, dentures are replaced with more convenient and durable substitutes, also known as dental implants.

All about Dental Implants

Dental implants are a replacement root that provides a strong foundation for substitute teeth. They are customised to match your natural teeth and although some people are apprehensive about the procedure, the success rate for implants is about 98% with good care. Healthy patients with strong gums and ample of bone to hold the implant can get started on the procedure immediately. Those with heart conditions, heavy smoking habits or patients who have had radiation to their neck or above may not be suitable for the procedure. Consulting a surgeon in Sydney with high implants experience is the best way to move ahead with this procedure.

What Does It Cost?

The high costs of dental implants in Sydney CBD might be the reason why many patients are reluctant about this treatment. However, the implant costs start at $ 3999 and they can give you a long-term solution, saving you from various other expenses for your dental hygiene.

Think of it as an investment for your future and it will definitely reward you with great returns! Whether you want to improve your smile, bring back your missing teeth or enjoy your favourite foods without any compromise, implants are a great way to ensure healthy teeth.

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