Enhance Your Smile with Veneers and Crowns

Your Smile’s made Perfect with Crowns and Veneers

The Goodness of Crowns and Veneers for Your Teeth

Crowns & Veneers – Everything You Need To Know

Achieve a better Smile with Crowns & Veneers

For many, attaining a better smile is a goal to achieve. The field of dentistry has brought in great range of treatment options for patients to maintain oral health & have great aesthetical appearances. Also, maintaining oral health has become crucial due to the recent discovery that heart diseases are connected with oral hygiene. Out of the revolutionary treatment inventions, crowns and veneers offered by dentists have become the best treatment options, patients could rely upon. Find out more about them below.


Metal, ceramic or porcelain crowns are offered by dentists for those patients who have decayed or damaged teeth. These have become one among the perfect options to improve your smile. Crowns are gives strength to your teeth & also avoid the necessity of extracting a natural tooth.

An entire crown procedure will be accomplished by a cosmetic dentist in just two visits to his/her office. After the decay or damage has been successfully removed, a temporary shell will be fixated on the teeth onto which the crown is placed. Meanwhile, a permanent crown will be made in the dental laboratory. The temporary crown will then be replaced with permanent crown by the cosmetic dentist, which will result in giving you the smile you’ve ever wanted.


Just like crowns, veneers are also one of the best options that give you a great smile. These are custom made in a laboratory and they appear just like a natural tooth. These products are made of porcelain. In just three sessions, treatments with veneers will be completed by your dentist.

The enamel of the teeth receiving veneer is removed and dentist will then apply temporary veneer on it. Just as with crowns, permanent crowns are made at this time in the laboratory. Once the permanent ones are ready, the temporary veneer will be removed & permanent one will be placed. This gives you an impressive smile that lasts really long.

Apart from the above two options, dentists also offer another option named tooth bonding, also known as composite bonding. This painless procedure is offered to resolve the problems of misaligned teeth, repairing discoloured teeth or cracked teeth and more.

Having a good smile has not just become an option to raise the bar of one’s self-esteem, but they have become essential to maintain one’s oral health that can in turn enhance the overall health of a human body. Avail any of these options above from your dentist, look beautiful and stay healthy!

Resource Box: The author working as a dentist in Sydney CBD for 4 years offers useful tips to his readers on getting that perfect smile they have aspired for. Being an expert dentist in Sydney CBD, he has written several write-ups dealing with dental health over the years.

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