Four Factors That Affect the Cost of Tooth Fillings

Deeply rooted tooth cavity causes inexplicable pain to patients. The most common solution for tooth decay is the use of tooth fillings to save the remnant structure. The cost of tooth filling varies from one patient to another and is determined by the following factors.

Type of Filling

Composite tooth filling in Sydney made from non-metals is designed to match the colour of the natural tooth. These fillings cost more than the traditional amalgam made from substances like tin or zinc. The high cost of composite fillings arises from extensive use of dental equipment and the sophisticated process involved.  Patients who require their front teeth to be repaired choose the composite fillings for better aesthetic value. By far the most durable dental material for molar teeth is gold followed by porcelain inlays and onlays.

Choice of Dental Surgeon

Dental surgeons with higher experience, specialised training and the enhanced precision skill to handle dental complications effortlessly charge more for tooth fillings. Geographical location of the dental surgeon must also be factored in while calculating the cost of the treatment.

Complexity of the Problem

Direct filling are referred to filling are completed chair side while indirect restorations need taking impressions and also second appointment to be cemented. This affects the cost significantly.

Larger restorations that demand more filling material and a longer time for completion cost more than a simple procedure. The use of pins and posts in some cases for better stability of the larger fillings and those that involve an incisal edge add to the cost.

Depth of Filling

The depth of the decay down the surface of the tooth affects the amount of filling material required. A tooth can have up to 5 surface fillings with an increasing order of cost.

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