The Magic of Tooth Mousse Plus

Studies reveal it is now possible to reverse dental caries and even remineralise decaying tooth. Damaged tooth reversal can be performed by a dentist with excellent expertise. Given below are some steps that need to be adhered to by the patient for this.

Looking after and making necessary changes in your diet as recommended by the dentist. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste that has high content of fluoride every time you finish a meal (don’t rinse mouth after you brush)

  • Ensuring that you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush for two minutes
  • Flossing once a day is a must
  • Using tooth Mousse

Let us Take a Look at Tooth Mousse:

This is a cream with a water base that contains Recaldent (remineralising agent) that has been mixed with fluoride (enamel strengthening agent). This contains around 0.2 percent fluoride that is in par with the level that normal adult toothpastes contains. Tooth mousse is available in mint, vanilla and mint flavor.

How Tooth Mousse Works

Tooth decay results in the loss of calcium and phosphate. Fluoride’s efficiency in retarding tooth decay is well known. Nevertheless, when it comes to local application, the prospective advantages on oral health are restricted. This is because of the inability of the tooth to absorb the fluoride that is being applied locally.

When Recaldent™ is combined with fluoride it enhances the quantity of fluoride, calciuom and phosphate that can be availed by the teeth. When Tooth Mousse is utilized fluoride ions are engulfed by peptides within the Recaldent™nanocomplex ensuring that they are held in place inside the solution so that the fluoride is released as and when it is required by the tooth. Studies reveal that Tooth Mousse Plus gets into the teeth more effectively and remineralisation of tooth happens to a greater degree in comparison to preparations made with only fluoride or preparations with just Recaldent.

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