Dental Implants Sydney CBD

    If you require dental implants in Sydney CBD, all you need to do is book an appointment with DR Sid Afshar at Premier Dental Sydney. Our qualified dentists listen to patients’ concerns and offer comfortable high quality dental implant treatment. We provide dental implant procedures at competitive prices and in incredible time.

    Dental Implants provide a means of replacing lost or damaged teeth without resorting to uncomfortable dentures or bridgework.

    Dental Implants Cost

    from $3999 Single Tooth Implant

    (Includes Porcelain Crown And Titanium Abutment)

    Dental Implant Cost breakdownAUD
    Dental Implant fixture$1,650
    Temporary Crown$700
    Abutment (Titanium)$299
    Dental Crown (Porcelain fused to metal crown)$1,350

    Important: The dental implant costing above is for guide only. A accurate quote will be provided after a thorough assessment.

    General information about Dental implants

    Dental implants are biocompatible metal tooth roots that are placed into the jawbone to restore missing teeth. Implant plus abutment and attached crown closely mimics the function and look of a real tooth. They are also attractive alternative to full and partial plates and Multi-unit Bridge.

    Now days with new implant techniques one or several missing teeth can be replaced.

    Dental Implants cost Sydney

    As shown in the picture the crown is attached to the implant by use of a third piece, called abutment. In certain cases, the implant can be fitted to a special attachment to a full denture to minimise movement of the denture (mostly lower denture).

    A dental implant is meant to last for many years but poor oral hygiene can make its life shorter. Implant crowns are not subjected to decaying but they can develop plaque and calculus which eventually lead to gum issues such as bleeding gum, loss of bone, infection and pain.

    Properly looked after implants that are supported with sufficient bone can last for many years

    Sometimes in order to achieve the best outcome, several practitioners may get involve in managing a case. While this may effect the cost and the time, it is done in the interest of the patient’s well-being.

    Dental Implant Specialists Sydney

    The term “dental implant surgery” can trigger an alarm in your mind, but it is a completely safe procedure with a very high success ratio of up to 95 percent. Having CBCT which is a 3D X-ray of jaws on-site, helps to be extra accurate and also cuts the chair side time dramatically. A dental implant is an artificial metal root for a tooth, which is placed in the jawbone and allowed the bone to grow into it. Once the body accepts the implant, a cosmetic crown tooth tops the root. The prosthetic placed with this procedure can effectively replace the lost one. It is a onetime permanent solution for lost or damaged teeth. The root is made up of titanium, which not only deters infections but also firmly supports the tooth to withstand regular wear and tear. Along with Dental implants in Sydney and Sydney CBD, we offer complete dental care at our practice.

    Why Choose Us for your dental implant in Sydney?

    • Gentle and Comfortable treatment.
    • 3D CT scan is now available in our practice
    • Latest technology is used in Premier Dental Sydney
    • Post operation care for the following months and years.
    • Qualified, Experienced and Licensed Dental Experts.
    • Competitive Price

    Prior to implant surgery

    You need to spend sufficient time with your dentist to review information and different options in order to discuss whether dental implant is the best treatment for your dental problem. You may decide not to go ahead with the treatment. You need to make an informed decision so do not feel obligated. If you decide to go for dental implant, the dentist must make sure that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

    Diagnostic tests

    A series of diagnostic tests are needed to confirm suitability and also help plan the best treatment approach including:

    • Photographs
    • Dental x-rays
    • CT scan of your jawbone
    • Dental impressions from upper and lower jaws

    At Premier Dental Sydney we have the latest equipment and use the latest technology to cut procedure time and reduce the cost of treatments.

    At this stage, discuss with your dentist any concerns or suggestions regarding your dental implant.

    While most people can have implant in their jaws exceptions include:

    1. Children under the age of 17 because the jaw still growing
    2. Insufficient jawbone to receive minimum size implant for certain tooth. In many cases bone graft technique can be used to rebuild the implant site.
    3. Smoking can cause delay healing and may also cause failure by preventing osseo-integration of implant
    4. During pregnancy it does not worth to put baby’s health in risk, instead procedure can wait
    5. Uncontrolled Diabetes increases the risk of post op complication like infection
    6. Drug and alcohol abuse the patient may not be able follow dentist’s instruction, or to maintain oral hygiene
    7. Psychological illnesses

    Dental Implant Procedure


    Dental implant procedures can be done using local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia depending on complexity of the case. General anaesthesia may require hospital admission and anaesthetist.

    The anaesthetist can tell you more the type of anaesthetic that is best for you and benefits and risks.


    Most implants are made of Titanium that is able to form a strong integration with surrounding bone tissue.

    In most cases, the procedure involves two or three separate treatment stages:

    1. Placement of implant inside the jawbone
    2. Insertion of abutment (connector) on the implant. This can be done at the same time with implant insertion
    3. Attachment of artificial tooth (crown) to the abutment

    The whole process can take considerable time, depending on case it can be between 3 to 12 months from day of surgery to the fitting of the crown depending on:

    • General health and medical conditions
    • Medication taken by patient and underling conditions
    • Site of the insertion
    • Dental health
    • Smoking
    • Whether bone graft is needed for the defect
    • Size of the defect which receives bone graft

    In more favourable situation insertion of implant and fitting an abutment can be done in a single stage operation. However not every patient is suitable for it.

    Depending on the complexity of the patient’s case, the procedure can take from 30 minutes to several hours.

    1. preparation of implant placement

    The recipient site in the gum is prepared to expose the underling bone. This is mostly done through a surgical guide with a puncher slightly bigger than actual implant. The idea of one implant to replace one missing tooth is not always the case. Depending on mechanique  of the missing tooth,  quality of the bone and the size of implant, implants may support more than one r two missings. Dentist will explain these to you in details.

    1. insertion of the implants

    A threaded implant is screwed into the drilled hole, the gum is stitched closed, and removed 5-10 days after. Implant stables over the weeks and months as bone grows on the implant surface. The process is called osseointegration could lasts up to 6 months

    1. Insertion of abutment (connector)

    The abutment is fitted after bone has healed around the implant the abutment is the support post or connector between implant and crown. The dentist makes an incision into the gum to access the implant and affixes the abutment to the implant. Normally a x-ray is taken to ensure the abutment is correctly placed. A dental  impression of both jaws are needed to finalize design of the crown which may take few weeks to allow gum healing.

    1. Final restoration (single crown, bridges or denture)

    A final artificial crown or crowns can be either cemented or screwed into the abutment. once the crown is fitted , a dental X-ray may be taken to ensure the correct placement of every single implant parts.

    Implants can also be fitted to full or partial dentures to provide support and stability to them. It is generally a very successful treatment and most patients report a good result

    Post Implant Operation Recovery

    1. Arrange someone to company you to home
    2. You may need to take a day off the work
    3. Swelling, bruising, pain and mild headache are normal reactions, which may occur and usually resolve within 24 hours. An over-the-counter pain medication should help relief the pain.
    4. Your dentist may prescribed a course of antibiotics
    5. Drink plenty of room-temperature water from two to three hours after surgery
    6. Avoid alcohol
    7. Avoid hard food during healing, instead have soups. Soft food diet for up to 6 weeks is advisable in some cases.
    8. The dentist may advise Savacol mouth rins, warm salty water or other antiseptic soloution.
    9. Follow up appointments and regular checkups ensure the success of implants

    Caring For Your Dental Implants

    Bacteria and food particles in the mouth from a sticky coating called plaque that adheres to both natural and artificial teeth. Plaque is responsible for most diseases effecting teeth including gum disease. Implant-supported teeth may fail if you do not keep them clean because plaque can lead to gum inflammation and infection.  Following are general guideline to have healthy gum, teeth and also implants

    • Brush after every meal
    • Use Fluoride toothpaste to reduce the risk of decay
    • Use soft and small tooth brush
    • Electrical tooth brushes are simply better
    • Floss at least once a day
    • Smoking impairs healing
    • Limit your sugar intake and cut the frequency
    • See your dentist for check up and clean twice a year

    At Premier Dental Sydney, we interact with and listen to our patients well. This gives us a better idea about the problem and your preferences. Our dentists then determine the best possible solution for you. If you require dental implants in Sydney or any other dental services, just give us a call on (02) 9146 6415 and get your appointment booked. For any questions, Email us and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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