Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Here in Premier Dental, our philosophy is to go above and beyond at all times, to help you to have the most relaxing, least painful experience you have ever had at a dentist.

This means that everything we do, is focused on putting you first, and making sure you always receive the best care and attention that is possible.

What does this actually mean?

1. We listen to you and provide you with the service that you want.

Premier Dentist sydney

Premier Dental Sydney

Even though we have degree’s in dentistry, we know that the person who understands you best, is you! We will always ask you first what you want, and we will then work towards achieving your goals. We will never try to force you to have the latest trendy procedure, or something that’s quick and easy for us, but might not be the procedure that you are comfortable with.

2. We will always be 100% honest.

As the old song goes, honesty is hard to find. We believe in honesty at all times, and we are committed to providing you with 100% honest advice at all times, even if that means telling you that you don’t need us because your teeth are great! Nothing makes me happier than telling a patient that their teeth are in great shape and they don’t need to consider any procedures for a long time.

Premier Dental sydney

Premier Dental Sydney

3. We don’t force you to come at a time or place that suits us, but is awkward for you. we will find a time and a place that suits you.

For example, we can schedule an appointment for you up to 8 pm in the evening at our clinic in Martin Place, if that is more convenient for you.

4. We don’t scrimp and save when it comes to planning your procedure, or rush you through quickly in order to see as many patients as possible.

A good example is our teeth cleaning procedure in at least one hour. Due to business pressures, its become common nowadays for dentists to do this under 20 min.

Put all together, it means that we are trying to set a new standard in excellence in dental care, and patient satisfaction. So, your feedback is very important to us. So please do let us know if you think there’s anything that we can improve to make your dental experience even more special. And you can even tell us if you were less than happy with some aspect of our service – we will appreciate the courage it took for you to speak up.

But we really hope that you won’t need to tell us to improve, because everything you experience at premier dental, from the time you place your booking till the time you walk away smiling, will be the best dental experience available anywhere.

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