Keeping gums and teeth healthy

Tip 1. Brushing
Brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day with gentle pressure to remove bacterial plaque from your teeth. This helps to prevent decay and gingivitis.  Your toothbrush is also an important part of this routine.  Quality electric toothbrushes clean much better than a standard manual toothbrush.  Even manual toothbrushes however, have a difference in quality and performance.  A good toothbrush will result in a better clean.

Tip 2.  Flossing
Clean between the teeth at least once a day with floss or inter-dental brushes to remove bacterial plaque. Floss or inter-dental brushes get to the places your toothbrush can’t!  Many people simply forget or don’t see the need to floss.  This is a massive mistake.  Flossing is an integral part to having a healthy teeth and gums.

Tip 3.  Fluoride
Use a fluoridated toothpaste with antibacterial and/or anti-inflammatory properties. Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth and makes them more resistant against decay.  A fluoride based toothpaste also helps to prevent sensitivity.   Another important thing to remember when using your fluoride based toothpaste is not to rinse after you clean your teeth.  Rinsing washes away the fluoride and anti-inflammatory properties that help your teeth and gums.

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