How does Dentist in Sydney Help with Teeth Whitening procedure?

White teeth are a symbol of good health. A study has recently confirmed that white teeth evenly spaced make people more attractive. The study found the reason for attractiveness as teeth being equivalent to peacock’s tail which is a sign of health and genetic quality to attract the opposite sex.

According to a recent research more than 50% of teenagers feel teeth is their valuable asset which improves attractiveness on their prospective date. Teeth hold such a prominent role in human life. But, it is not easy to maintain white teeth. It requires determined effort to keep your teeth white. However, the best dentist in Sydney can help you keep your teeth with simple teeth whitening procedure.

What is teeth whitening procedure?

Teeth whitening procedure is a process of removing stains on teeth. As the method is proven to whiten your teeth, it is considered one of the best cosmetic dental procedures of the 21st century. The method is simple but requires repeated visits to the doctor.

Why do our teeth get coloured?

Our teeth accumulate stains on the enamel of our teeth every day in their pores. Stain accumulation leads to turning our teeth yellowish. It could happen due to various reasons like drinking tea, coffee, cola which can leave stains on the teeth or through consuming Tobacco. It could also happen due to aging or neglecting your teeth. You could also accumulate intrinsic stains due to the use of antibiotics.

Ways of Teeth Whitening

There are two main ways to perform the procedure.

  1. Vital Whitening
  2. Non-vital whitening

Vital whitening is the most popular method which can be used at home or dentist’s office. It is done by applying a gel containing hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the teeth.

Non-vital whitening is done by placing a whitening agent inside the tooth. It is much better procedure because vital whitening cannot improve the look of the teeth when you have undergone root canal treatment. Dentist in Sydney can help with the process to get white teeth and enhance your attractiveness. Though the whitening agents or toothpaste can be purchased over the counter from the pharmacy, they are not very efficient when compared to whitening agents used in dentist’s office. The teeth whitening toothpaste not only don’t whiten the teeth, on the other hand, contain abrasives which damage the teeth enamel.

Importance of Dental Practice

Teeth whitening procedure is safe, and any discomfort can be handled by dentist in Sydney. Whitening is a simple method which does not have any significant side effects. Few people may experience teeth sensitivity or mild gum irritation for some time after the procedure. Dental Hygienists Association of Australia recommends patients to take help of dentists if they feel sore gums while undergoing teeth whitening procedure. A follow up with the dentist will avoid any complications.

Resource Box: The author of this article is a successful dentist and suggests that you visit the best dentist in Sydney to enhance your dental attractiveness. Seeking professional help can make sure you have a perfect set of teeth which not only make you look attractive but also healthy.

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