Aftercare Tips for Tooth Extraction

Dentists may recommend a dental extraction in the case of severe tooth decay, to pave way for other orthodontic treatments or to avoid the infection resulting from the wisdom tooth. In any case, tooth extraction is a serious dental procedure that requires sufficient care for quick and complete recovery.

Here is a list important aftercare tips for patients undergoing the extraction process.

Keep the Mouth Clean

Patients may gently rinse their mouth with warm salt water once in every 2-3 hours, a day after the extraction. This helps to keep infections at bay. Use a normal brush to clean the areas around the sutures and avoid using any dental solution containing alcohol.

Care for your Diet

It is recommended to take sufficient liquids like plain water, vegetable broth and fresh juices without using a straw for the first 2-3 days after the dental extraction in Sydney. Soft foods that are high in protein can also be taken at room temperature. Refrain from alcohol and smoking for a minimum of one week after the procedure.

Deal with the Swelling Gently

Swelling is a very common effect of tooth extraction. Patients can use ice packs for up to 2 days on the sides of the cheeks to reduce the swelling after which it automatically begins to reduce. Moist heat can also be used if swelling persists after 2-3 days.

Stay Calm and Relax

Tooth extraction demands much rest for quick recovery. Strenuous workouts and vigorous activities in any form must be avoided. Patients must keep the head elevated and take ample rest.

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