Top Four Advantages of Dental Bridges

With a very high success rate, dental bridges in Sydney are quickly becoming the most preferred solution for tooth replacement. Dental bridges look 100% natural and a well-executed dental bridges treatment offers the following benefits to patients.

Dental Bridges Offer High Aesthetic Value to the Face

Missing teeth can deteriorate the facial stature of the patient and can also make them look old. With dental bridges, the shape of the face is unchanged and patients can now flaunt a full smile under the safest conditions.

Dental Bridges Involve a Simple Procedure

Unlike implants, the procedure involved in fixing dental bridges is simple as well as painless. Dental bridges can be fixed even in cases of significant loss of jaw bone and does not require any surgical procedures. The process is also quick and can be completed in about two to three visits to the dental clinic.

Dental Bridges Offer Great Stability

Dental bridges once fixed appropriately, do not let the space around the teeth to move or drift away. This saves the patient from further dental problems and also avoids spending on gum infections. Bridges act like natural teeth and offer greater stability while chewing and speaking.

Dental Bridges Are For the Long Run

The average life of a dental bridge in Sydney is between 5 to 10 years. They are cemented permanently and there is no demand of periodic removal unlike dentures. The lightweight and small size of bridges makes it easy for patients to get accustomed to them easily.

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