Modern and Innovative Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Modern and Innovative Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Right from oral surgeries to bright whitening treatments, today’s cosmetic dental solutions leave no oral problem unresolved. Using the latest technologies and modern innovations, dentists have made oral solutions more precise, safer and quicker.

A Whiter Smile

Whitening treatments have been revolutionised in the last few years. Without using any artificial additions, a cosmetic dentist in Sydney can correct discoloured teeth in an effective and faster way using thick gel with high peroxide concentration. Patients with sensitive teeth and gums can also opt for this treatment as the thick gel does not penetrate inside the gums or teeth. Many dentists also use a light beam for a significantly superior effect. Using this technology, dentists can further activate the result of the gel, leading to visibly lighter shade of teeth in absolutely no time!

Porcelain Veneers 

If your discoloration is severe and can’t be treated using whitening treatments, you can opt for porcelain veneers or laminates for an improved solution. They match your natural teeth after they are bonded to the damaged teeth. The tough and resistant material of the veneer is a great choice due to its non-porous feature. Patients, who have gapped, fractured or crooked teeth are often advised to opt for veneers.

Gummy Smiles

If you are facing trouble with your gums, you can opt for cosmetic gum surgery as well. This procedure helps to reduce the gums covering your teeth, makes your teeth look longer and gives you a better smile as well.

Look for a cosmetic dentist in Sydney CBD to help you find that perfect smile and solve all your dental issues in the safest and most painless possible ways.

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