Questions to Ask Your Dentist before Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed to save natural teeth. The treatment has over 95% success rate and a good dentist in Sydney can reassure easy recovery through implementing the latest techniques such as laser root canal therapy during cleaning and shaping canals , filling, cleansing as well as sterilisation.

If you are about to undergo root canal treatment, here are three important questions that you must ask your dentist before the procedure is performed.

Why am I the Right Candidate For Root Canal Therapy?

Dentists suggest root canal surgery only after appropriate evaluation of the patient’s dental condition. Patients are recommended to get the opinion of the best dentist in Sydney to compare the other possible treatments to rectify the defect. Replacing the natural teeth with implants or bridges are a possible alternative but however preserving the natural tooth is a better option in cases where it is applicable. Implant and other options are suggested if the success rate of Root Canal Therapy drops below 80%.

How Painful Is The Procedure?

Much has been said and debated about the pain involving the root canal therapy. In reality, the procedure only relieves the patient of the pain caused by the decay and the underlying infection. Patients are recommended to discuss the pain factor with the dentist and ensure the clinic is updated to offer the latest techniques involved in making root canal therapy almost painless.

What Post-Operative Measures Must Be Undertaken After Root Canal?

The success rate of the root canal treatment greatly depends upon

  1. Securing the root filling with strong cap like crown to stop saliva to reinfect the root treated canals. In fact 99% of root treated teeth need full or partial crown in the first year after treatment.
  2. The cautious steps taken by the patient right after the surgery. Patients must ensure that they are completely aware of all the dos and don’ts regarding the diet, medications and oral hygiene practices.
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